Cisco maintains Greenpeace cool IT lead

Greenpeace is out this week with an update to the Cool IT Leaderboard, the environmental organization’s periodic assessment of how tech companies are faring at putting forth clean-energy innovation.

This includes mitigating carbon footprints and advocating for significant policy shifts on climate change.

Once again, Cisco tops the list.

“Cisco is recognizing a clear opportunity by making IT climate solutions an increasingly core part of its business strategy,” Greenpeace said in a press release. 

“This in turn gives them a strong incentive to advocate for policies which reduce carbon pollution.”

Greenpeace’s intention with Cool It – outlined in an piece earlier this year – is “to help make sure the IT sector delivers” on its potential to “make the right energy choices.” 

That means both saluting those who have done well, in Greenpeace’s view, and calling out those who have done less well.

For example, in announcing the new rankings, Greenpeace cited positive developments such as Sony Europe joining Google to support European Union greenhouse-gas reduction targets, but it penalized Microsoft, Intel and IBM for fighting that initiative.

Google, by the way, which ranked fourth on the new leaderboard, was also lauded for joining Cisco and HP to fight California’s Proposition 23 ballot measure, “a failed attempt by oil interests to derail the state’s landmark global warming law,” Greenpeace said.

* Pete Danko, EarthTechling