BamBoo concept car an all electric ride

The Geneva Motor Show is just a few months away, which means it’s about time for something wild to appear from concept-car maestro Frank M. Rinderknecht and his Rinspeed company.

Three years ago it was sQuba submarine car. 

Two years ago, the shape-shifting iChange.

And last year, the diminutive UC?, ready to roll right off the street and onto a train.

For the March 2011 Geneva exhibition, Rinderknecht is taking a bit of a nostalgic turn, evoking innocent, laid-back fun in the sun with the BamBoo, an understated, open-top, electric vehicle that Rinspeed calls “a grownup golf cart.”

So is it made of bamboo? 

Kind of.

“Many of the components are [manufactured] from bamboo fibers,” the company says.

But the bamboo element doesn’t seems be part of the design as a revolutionary use of the fast-growing fiber.

Instead, it deepens the emotional impact of the car.

“BamBoo pushes the reset button, clears the mind for a new way of thinking,” Rinspeed says. 

It sports simple, clean lines. No bells, no whistles.  Nothing is superfluous. 

Plain aesthetics in their purest form.

As stated before and even in a figurative sense: “Nomen est omen. Simply bamboo.”

Pete Danko, EarthTechling