Ashmolean in Oxford re-opens this weekend

It’s taken quite a while for the refurb of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford – that’s going to be good news for the flocking tourists in this city.

The galleries include some beautiful art, and some beautiful everything else. 39 new galleries have been added on to the original edifice. The refurb cost £61 million (~$100 million). It opens on Saturday the 7th of November.

The Renaissance gallery has some rare works from Titian – Love Conquers All; and a bust of Michaelangelo. There’s some drawings of his in there too.

The collection originally started in Lambeth, London, but Elias Ashmole brought it to Oxford.

Ashmole was an alchemist as well as a lawyer and persuaded the original curator to sign over the collection and that started a legal case that ended with the widow of the original collector found drowned in her own duck pond.

There’s all sorts of cool stuff in there, and we’re looking to having a wander around. Pitt Rivers is a groovy museum too, just round the corner. Oh, and North Parade has had a refurb too.

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