Video: Toyota i-Road is an EV-motorcycle hybrid

Earlier this month, Toyota was on hand at the Geneva Motor Show to showcase one of the strangest concept vehicles in any booth at the show.

Indeed, “i-Road,”  is a completely electric powered personal mobility vehicle with a three- wheel design. There is a single wheel in the back that handles steering and a pair of wheels in the front for stability.

The vehicle leans into the corners like a motorcycle (“Active Lean”) and offers motorcycle-style tandem seating. The auto manufacturer claims i-Road provides a safe, intuitive, and enjoyable helmet-free driving experience. In addition, the electric powertrain is described as “near-silent” and produces no emissions.

The electric vehicle is capable of traveling for up to 50 km after a single three-hour charge. The little vehicle is 850 mm wide, around the same size as a conventional motorcycle and probably just as maneuverable. The wheelbase of the vehicle is 1700 mm and it is 2350 mm long and 1445 mm tall, narrow enough to be able to split lanes during traffic jams.

The funky electric vehicle uses a pair of 2 kW electric motors mounted inside each of the front wheels. The vehicle has a turning radius of only 3 m and the slick leaning system allows the vehicle to drive on uneven terrain with one wheel higher than the other. Check out the video above for more details.