Buffalino three-wheel camper is perfect for lonely workaholics

I’ve never actually seen a three-wheel vehicle in use on the roads that wasn’t an ATV, at least in the United States.

Then again, in other countries, it’s common to see three wheel vehicles used as delivery vans, or at least that’s what television leads us to believe. In any event, a rather interesting and odd little three-wheel vehicle known as the Buffalino recently tipped up online. 

It’s a three-wheel minivan designed to be similar to tuk-tuk rickshaws common in Asia and Africa. The difference between this little van and similar vehicles? The Buffalino is designed to allow the solitary worker or traveler to sleep in the back of their vehicle while on trips. Inside, the tiny van looks like a small office.

What appears to be a wooden seat folds down to turn into a cot allowing the driver to sleep. Despite the small size of the van, it’s impressively outfitted. It has a small sink and what appears to be a cook top as well as a container for water. The vehicle is also equipped with a number of bins to hold whatever products the driver happens to be selling or for storing their personal belongings. And yes, the van even has a shelf designed to hold your laptop.

The Buffalino iwas created by a German industrial designer named Cornelius Cormanns and is based on a modded three wheel Piaggio scooter. The little vehicle is designed to be sturdy enough to allow the owner to sleep on top assuming they don’t roll much and don’t mind the elements.

The little machine certainly doesn’t look overly comfortable, but it’s an interesting little camper nonetheless. It also seems like it would be relatively inexpensive to purchase and maintain.