Acura’s NSX sports car is loaded with a V-6 and three electric motors

Honda manufactured the Acura NSX sports car for a number of years, with production running from 1990-2005 until the vehicle was retired.

During the years it was available, the vehicle was a lightweight two-seat rear-wheel drive sports car powered by an all aluminum V-6 engine which produced an impressive amount of horsepower. The vehicle is widely considered one of the best sports cars ever produced by Honda.

Recently, Acura unveiled the prototype of a new NSX that shares little in common with its predecessors. Whereas power for the old Acura NSX came from a V-6 engine alone, the new concept car uses a V-6 engine combined with three electric motors – resulting in a more powerful hybrid sports car.

The new Acura NSX is believed to be at least two years away from production. Still, we do know that it will have a mid-engine design with a V-6, providing the primary motivation for the car.

One of the three electric motors will be connected to the V-6 engine in a typical hybrid set up, while the other two electric motors are slated to be placed beside each of the front wheels. The abundance of electric engines should make the new Acura NSX an all-wheel drive car when the extra power is needed. 

This particular concept car also has an interior, which was missing from some previous NSX concepts previously showcased. Indeed, the interior is covered in leather and outfitted with carbon fiber.

Unfortunately, Acura is still mum on additional details about the new NSX, particularly how much the vehicle will cost. The old NSX was far from an inexpensive automobile, so don’t expect the new Acura NSX to be anything close to what most people would consider affordable.