Video: A closer look at Ford’s EV+ hybrid vehicle tech

Ford recently introduced a new feature that allows drivers of plug-in hybrid vehicles to achieve more electric-only driving distance.

Dubbed EV+, the feature harnesses the integrated GPS functionality from Ford Sync to “learn” frequent destinations, all while changing the way electric power is used in vehicles such as Ford’s flagship C-Max.

“We know from our research that hybrid drivers want to drive as often as they can in electric-only mode, especially near their home or frequently visited locations,” explained Ford exec Kevin Layden.

“EV+ not only delivers that capability, but also demonstrates how Ford puts customer needs and wants above everything else.”

Essentially, EV+ can best be described as an advanced predictive software algorithm that adjusts powertrain controls based on location. Meaning, the algorithm learns destinations such as work and home over time, enabling the vehicle to automatically extend the use of the battery – rather than slurping up more gas.  

“We already have a GPS unit in every Ford with SYNC, so really it was just a matter of tapping into that the right way,” said Layden.

“This is one of the first examples of how we’re looking to make the car smarter, by leveraging on board data to provide features and services that add value to the driving experience.”