Global warming may be caused by reservoirs, dams

Scientists have discovered another potential cause of global warming.

Washington State University, Vancouver researchers have found that dams and reservoirs are emitting huge levels of methane and greenhouse gases. In fact, the levels jumped by about 20% during periods of change to the water line.

“Reservoirs have typically been looked at as a green energy source. But their role in greenhouse gas emissions has been overlooked,”

Of course, the fact that the planet’s average temperature is increasing has pretty much been accepted by everyone except the most radical skeptics.

Where the real divide in this country lies is with the question of whether or not this is because of human activity. Much of the debate is needlessly focused on the climate numbers when it should be exclusively on what the cause is.

After all, this planet went from being covered in ice to being completely thawed out thousands of years ago, and we didn’t even have internal combustion engines back then.

So the hunt is now on to find sources of rising greenhouse gases that aren’t necessarily the product of human interaction.

Recently, it was also discovered that large forests of diseased trees may also be releasing huge quantities of methane, more than could normally be produced by the average manmade source.