Tesla designer tips BMW 3-series rival for 2015

Tesla originally kicked off production of its electric vehicle line with the Roadster and only recently began selling its Model S four-door sedan.

The artisan auto manuacturer also has another model – based on the S – due to hit American roads soon. Essentially, The Model X is a crossover SUV built around the same platform as the Model S.

The Model X electric SUV is expected to enter production late next year, with Tesla already racking up some $40 million in reservations.

However, Tesla isn’t content with two current vehicle models (the Roadster is out of production) and is looking for third model to be added to the line as early as 2015. Indeed, Tesla’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen recently confirmed a new vehicle is in the works and could arrive as early as 2015. “The third model will continue to drive down the price point as fast as possible,” he said.

According to Von Holzhausen, the target price for the entry-level car would be $30,000. Remember, this is still significantly cheaper than the Model S, which starts in the $50,000 range. Personally, I’ve always thought that Tesla made some of the sweetest looking electric vehicles on the market and never really considered them traditional designs. However, von Holzhausen says that the new model will have a more distinctive style.

“We will become more experimental as we develop as a brand,” he explained. “Our cars need to have some personality.”

The designer also hinted the new 3-series competitor won’t be the last we see from Tesla.

“There are lots of ways in which we can exploit the platform. There will be a time and place for us to develop something around a pick-up. That’s a market for which the torque of an electric motor would be ideally suited,” he added.