Ford rolls out dedicated Focus mobile app

Ford has gone big-time with in-vehicle technology over the last several years, packing its cars with Sync, MyFord touch and more.

One of Ford’s most high-tech vehicles currently on the road is the Focus Electric EV, which is completely electric-powered and quite efficient.

Recently, Ford rolled out a dedicated app for its flagship EV Focus dubbed MyFord Mobile.

The app allows a Focus EV owner to control and monitor a number of relevant readings, including charging the battery pack.

The app also boasts a number of travel related features, such as value charging powered by Microsoft, trip planning and a public charger location database.

The launch of the new app is timed to coincide with the first customer deliveries of the Ford Focus Electric. The primary goal of the app? To help new EV owners locate charging stations while on the go.

Essentially, the app establishes remote communications with a vehicle and allows the driver to log in  and check the current charge state of the car’s lithium-ion battery packs. Drivers can also enable the value charging mode, which juices a vehicle at off-peak times, saving money on electricity while helping to reduce grid load. The app also allows drivers to upload driving achievements and statistics to social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

One of the more interesting features of the application will almost surely appeal to those who live in hot or cold climates, as users can set a desired temperature and a specific time for the climate control system to kick in. The MyFord Mobile app is currently available for the iPhone on the iTunes App Store.