Fisker rolls out slick Atlantic hybrid

Over the last several days we’ve analyzed various photos and leaked images of Fisker’s Atlantic hybrid. Now the official NYC debut has come and gone, providing us with some real details on the sexy green car.

Personally, I think this car makes the Chevrolet Volt look like grandma in her senior citizen nightgown next to a Victoria’s Secret model.

Simply put, the Atlantic is a dead sexy automobile with a fantastic interior and exterior design.

The best part about this car? It may very well be priced at about $40,000. If the relatively reasonable price point turns out to be accurate, you can count on seeing these all over the streets around the country.  Despite the poor economy, $40,000 isn’t out of reach for many middle-class drivers.

Unfortunately, Fisker neglected to name an official price point at the unveil. However, Engadget confirms the sleek hybrid will sell for about the same price as an Audi A5, which would put it close to the $40,000 figure mentioned above. This seems to confirm previous rumors that the Atlantic would weigh in at the same price as as a top-of-the-line BMW 3 series car.

What do we know for sure? Well, the engine has been confirmed as a four-cylinder BMW offering. Many people are calling this car a hybrid, but in reality, it’s probably closer to the Chevrolet Volt in layout than the Toyota Prius, as the four-cylinder BMW engine doesn’t power the wheels directly. The gasoline engine powers a generator that charges the Atlantic’s batteries for longer driving range.

So far, Fisker hasn’t offered any details on exactly how far the car can travel on a full charge or what the driving distance will be for the vehicle when using the generator to extend its driving range. My hunch is that the electric driving range will fall somewhere in the 100-mile realm with an overall range of approximately 300 miles.