Snap! Fisker Nina hybrid spied ahead of launch

Fisker currently manufactures some of the sexiest hybrid vehicles on the market, including the Karma plug-in hybrid which will set you back over $100,000.

Of course, the Karma hasn’t exactly been without issues. Indeed, Fisker and its battery supplier A123 Systems were recently forced to recall a number cars that had already been produced to replace the battery packs.

The recall and battery pack swap was prompted by a number of occurences where the Karma turned itself off and essentially bricked.

Unfortunately for Fisker, this actually happened with the Karma model that Consumer Reports had purchased for its test fleet.

Regardless, the industry is hyped for the launch of the Karma’s little brother, the Fisker Nina plug-in hybrid. The new hybrid is slated to debut at the upcoming New York auto show, and the auto manufacturer had planned to keep the car under wraps until its official unveiling.

However, it appear the Nina was spied and snapped in transit from the truck that delivered the vehicle to its hiding spot in a NYC garage. The photos show a very sexy vehicle that is smaller and shorter than the Karma.

Now we don’t have full details on the Nina just yet, but we do know it’s a four-door vehicle with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. Previous reports indicate the Nina will be using a BMW-sourced four-cylinder engine and sell for about the same price as a top-of-the-line BMW 3 series, putting the car somewhere in the $45,000 and up range. This will certainly make it considerably less expensive than the Karma, which sells for over $100,000. Stay tuned for more details next week when the car is officially unveiled.