This green wireless mouse has no batteries

I will be the first to admit that I hate wires running around all over my desk. 

Then again, I have tried wireless mice many times over the years and always go back to a wired one after forgetting to recharge the wireless mouse or not having a spare battery handy. 

People who like to be green are also concerned about using a bunch of batteries that will be thrown away, while rechargeable ones are hard on the environment when they reach the end of their lifespan.


But Genius has a new product that green geeks and people who just want a nice mouse with no wires will appreciate.

The peripheral is dubbed the DX-ECO, and it can basically be described as a wireless mouse that uses a capacitor rather than a battery. It’s not clear exactly how long the charge will last, but the good news is that it charges back up very quickly.


The gold capacitor needs only three minutes to recharge for use and can be charges 100,000 times. The wireless tech inside is 2.4GHz and boasts 15-meters of wireless range. The mouse has adjustable sensitivity between 800dpi and 1600dpi. This is pretty sweet because typical mice only have 800dpi setting, and more sensitivity is great if you use larger screens. The mouse also features seven programmable buttons.

The DX-ECO is a right hand only design, and it comes with a little micro USB receiver to connect to your computer. Another thing that often annoys people who use wireless mice on the go is the inability to track accurately on shiny surfaces. It’s not always convenient to carry a mouse pad on the road, but some desks and counters aren’t ideal for mouse use. 

Luckily, the DX-ECO will track accurately on just about any surface, including marble, carpet, clothing, and glass that is dusted or at least not completely clear.

The DX-ECO mouse is currently available at a $40 price point.