25 laziest cities in America unveiled

Business Insider has published a list of what it considers are the 25 laziest cities in the USA.

Number one is Mobile, AL. A third of its citizens don’t exercise, nearly a third watch TV during the week. And 28.1 percent are obese.

Number two is Grand Island, NE – 35 percent of citizens there are fat. Number three is Scottsbluff, NE. 32.4 percent of people there are fat. Er, a question, does fat mean you’re lazy? Does not exercising mean you’re lazy.

Number four is Jackson, MS; Number five is Dallas – 34.2 percent of people there TV during the week. Does watching TV mean you’re fat?

We won’t go through the whole list. You can find the sad tale here. If it is a sad tale, that is.

Walter Hudson (1944-1991) was the fourth most obese human in medical history, according to the Wiki. But he holds the world record for a waist of 119 inches at his peak weight of 1,197lbs. He only had two boxes of sausages, a pound of bacon, 12 eggs, a loaf of bread, four hamburgers and four cheeseburgers, eight portions of fries, three ham steaks, two chickens, four baked potatoes, four sweet potatoes and four heads of broccoli a day. He only drank 12 pints of soda with every meal.