Super clear video of alleged PlayStation phone let loose

As rumors of an upcoming “PlayStation phone” hit a fever pitch, there’s now a new video posted online that shows a clear, succinct look at the device in action.

It looks pretty complete, so the question is when this phone will actually come out.

Just a couple days ago, a video of the phone went online, but it was extremely blurry and far away, so no one really got a good look at it. This one is completely different.

The video shows the phone as running the “Gingerbread” version of Android, which has yet to be released to the public. It also shows how the phone slides open to reveal a game pad instead of a Qwerty keyboard. There’s also a PlayStation icon in the app list, giving credence to the idea that it will be able to play PlayStation games.

The app looks different than the PSP; it has tabs for “recently played,” “library,” and “all.” The video, however, doesn’t show any games as being available.

The phone will reportedly not have the word “PlayStation” in its name. Supposedly to make it as mass-market as possible, it will just carry the generic name “Zeus Z1.”

We’re hoping for an official announcement soon, perhaps at January’s CES event. It would certainly excite many a PlayStation fanboys.

[Via Engadget]