Sticker shock! Samsung’s Galaxy Tab might be $1,000?

Samsung’s iPad rival, the Galaxy Tab, will have a smaller screen, less software, and a cheaper operating system than the iPad, but it might actually cost more – more than 2x more!

UK news site Telegraph noticed that the device has already gone up for sale on Amazon’s UK site. Its price? £799.99. That’s the equivalent of aroud $1,045.

The Galaxy Tab was officially unveiled last night at a media event in New York. Asked there about pricing details, Samsung officials declined to comment. No one could even answer a question about whether or not mobile carriers would provide subsidies. The Galaxy Tab will first come standard with 3G, and a Wi-Fi-only version will be released later.

The Tab looks like just a smaller version of an iPad. It looks very, very similar. However, it does incorporate Samsung’s top-of-the-line mobile LCD technology. This is the biggest-screen device it has been used on. Additionally, it packs in a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor, the best mobile processor on the market right now.

Other features that distinguish the Galaxy Tab from the iPad is that it has two cameras – one for taking pictures of stuff in front of you, and one that captures photos/video of the user, making stuff like video chat possible. It can also run full Flash content on website unlike the iPad.

However, a $1,000+ price tag would be a little hard to swallow. And now it seems even more suspicious that Samsung didn’t even say anything about the price. Not even any “we’ll be competitive in the marketplace” comments.

A $1,000 Galaxy Tab would be the biggest blunder yet in this newly emerging tablet industry. Hopefully it’s just a much smaller blunder from Amazon for posting an erroneous price.