Steve Ballmer says Windows Phone 7 will make you go "ooooh"

Steve “Balmy” Ballmer apparently believes that Windows Phone 7 will make the unfulfilled masses tremble with pleasure and utter a soft “ooooh.”

The bombastic (if not slightly delusional) Ballmer also insists Microsoft will “prove” pesky skeptics wrong by succeeding in the mobile sphere – as the market is still well in its “infancy.”

“We’re early; there’s no question we’re early. I think we kind of nailed it. When you see it, you just go ‘ooooh,’” Ballmer said at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference in a statement quoted by CNN.

”Make no mistake about it, we’re all in. I get all kinds of questions about ‘what if you don’t do this or that,’ or blah, blah, blah. BOOM, baby, that’s what we’re going to do!”

However, Ballmer reluctantly acknowledged that the fate of Windows Phone 7 would also be determined by app devs. 

“We’re giving every developer in attendance a free [WP7] smartphone. Just [please] load ’em up with applications. You write those apps, drive them forward,” he shamelessly begged. 


I don’t know about you, but I want some of what the pontificating Ballmer’s been smoking or drinking. It must be hella high quality.