Sprint shifts into Overdrive with 4G mobile broadband

Sprint has confirmed plans to expand its 4G mobile broadband service to several major cities during 2010, including Boston, Denver, New York and San Francisco.

The new markets will join 27 cities where the speedy Sprint 4G network is already up and running.

”If you use a computer, a smart phone, a gaming device, a DVD player or any Wi-Fi enabled device, your online life will change for the better when you experience the Sprint 4G difference,” said Sprint 4G president Matt Carter.

“Sprint 4G offers turbo-charged mobile broadband, delivering peak download speed up to 10 times faster than 3G, whether you’re downloading videos, playing interactive games, or showing a business presentation on a smartphone or laptop.”

Meanwhile, Sprint spokesperson Mike Goff noted that the potential of 4G applications was “virtually limitless,” especially for those using a device such as the Overdrive Mobile Hotspot.

Overdrive – which is manufactured by Sierra Wireless – provides a wireless broadband signal capable of connecting up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices simultaneously. 

“With Overdrive, Sprint 4G fundamentally changes the rules by offering revolutionary capabilities that leave slower wireless connections in the dust. When at home, you can use a 4G connection to stream HD movies straight to a TV from content distribution providers (such as Netflix, Amazon and Blockbuster),” explained Goff.

“[And] when on-the-go, in a car, you can entertain passengers by streaming favorite TV shows from Hulu to your Netbook, or use a PSP gaming device to access multiple games and content. When away from the office, you can share Sprint 4G with co-workers while waiting for a flight or taxi.”