Sprint planning its first low-cost 4G phone

An upcoming phone with model number SPH-D600 may be the one that brings WiMax to the masses.

The device, set to launch on Sprint’s network, hasn’t been officially specced out yet, but Pocketnow.com reports it will have a 1 GHz Qualcomm processor, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, and a 3.1-megapixel camera.

The 320×480 HVGA display will present the device’s Android software, and it will be fully capable of running on the carrier’s 4G WiMax network. At this point, 4G connectivity is becoming a pretty standard feature for Sprint smartphones, but most of them still carry a beefy price tag.

The cheapest Sprint 4G phone right now is the Evo Shift, which sells for $149 after a contract subsidy. Most of the others sit at the market standard smartphone price of $199, which is still within the impulse-buy target but a bit too high for the real bargain budget consumers.

The SPH-D600, which is sure to be renamed to something new and snazzy, is expected to be priced at that sub-$100 sweet spot.

Other carriers, with the exception of MetroPCS, are also struggling to offer 4G phones for the price-conscious crowd. Sprint could be the one to break that barrier.

For now, the device is registered with the FCC, it’s heading to Sprint, and it’ll have 4G connectivity. Further details should be expected in the near future.