Sprint October event fuels iPhone speculation

Sprint has scheduled an unspecified media event for October 7, a date that’s eerily close to when the next iPhone is expected to be revealed.

Not surprisingly, this is leading to even more speculation that Sprint will be joining Verizon and AT&T in the list of mobile carriers to peddle the powerful gadget.

Invitations to the event were entirely vague, calling it a “Strategy Update” for the company.

The Wall Street Journal has cited unnamed sources confirming that Sprint is planning on releasing the next iteration of the iPhone on the same day it comes to Verizon and AT&T.

Although the report is not confirmed, many news outlets including major TV networks, independently reported it as fact.

Nevertheless, there are still many who question the authenticity of the rumors, and given the usual track record of iPhone announcements, it’s probably best to wait until it’s actually confirmed by someone at Sprint or Apple.

That being said, for Apple the hard work is pretty much done. Sprint runs on the same kind of network as Verizon so adjustments that need to be made under the hood would be minor. Moreover, Apple is not tied down to any sort of exclusivity agreement so it makes complete financial sense to bring the iPhone to as many carriers as possible.

If the reports are true, the next iPhone would be available on all of the top three mobile networks in the US. What would remain to be seen is if Sprint can keep its unlimited smartphone data plans, which has been a calling card for the company as of late but should be difficult to keep in tact with heavy iPhone usage.