Sprint might be getting Motorola’s Atrix, Xoom next month

Two of the hottest mobile products right now are the Atrix phone and the Xoom tablet, both from Motorola.

It looks like Sprint might be on the fast track to receive both, as a new rumor has popped up saying the 4G innovator will be the first to offer the Xoom and the Atrix on the same network.

The Atrix is unique because it runs on a brand new dual-core mobile chip, expanding its processing power far beyond any smartphone before. To show off that power, Motorola has made a special laptop dock. The Atrix plugs into the dock, and sends its processing power to function as a fully featured laptop, with full operating system and software support.

The Xoom, meanwhile, is the first tablet to use Android’s new 3.0 operating system, also known as Honeycomb.

The Atrix is available exclusively on AT&T and the Xoom is on Verizon. Both devices are not specifically tied to these carriers, though.

Sprint is an increasingly attractive option for mobile manufacturers because of its strong 4G network. Neither the Atrix nor the Xoom run on 4G yet, though Xoom customers will eventually be able to send their device into Verizon to get a 4G chip.

Bringing 4G to both would make them even more awe-inspiring, and Sprint is a good choice to make that happen. We’ll see if it actually comes true.