Sprint: Exciting 4G news coming this fall

Sprint is reportedly planning a major announcement about its high-speed 4G network this fall.

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse teased the news at the company’s headquarters this week.

Of course, that reveal doesn’t really surprise us. After all, Sprint has been a clear leader in 4G advancements, as the first company to offer 4G mobile service in the US, the first to bring 4G to a smartphone, and the current record holder in terms of the number of 4G-capable devices.

But there’s a problem with being the guinea pig – others take that to their advantage and leapfrog ahead. Verizon’s 4G network, for example, even though it was rolled out more than a year and a half after Sprint’s, is now gaining the most attention since it’s rated as the fasted available.

But you can count the number of Verizon 4G LTE phones on one hand. Nevertheless, LTE (Long Term Evolution, the 4G standard used by Verizon) is the big story now, and rival carrier AT&T is working on installing its own LTE infrastructure to replace what it had previously called its 4G network.

So could Sprint’s announcement be a push to LTE? Or is it just another “first of its kind” phone?

Whatever it is, knowing how Sprint has managed to push this industry forward, a comment like that from Dan Hesse is reason to be intrigued.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing what Sprint has up its sleeve later this year.