Sprint distracted driving app: pay money to not use your phone

The idea of paying a monthly fee to have your phone limit what you’re able to do seems a bit counter-intuitive, but that hasn’t stopped Sprint from introducing its Sprint Drive First service.

The carrier’s unique software will block out all sorts of phone options when it detects that the device is in a moving car. It won’t make the phone completely unusable, rather it puts sanctions into place that could prevent a distracted driving accident.

Here’s what it does to prevent unexpected distraction:

– Incoming calls immediately directed to voicemail

– Texting alerts disabled

– Automatically send reply message to incoming texts

And here’s what it does to prevent driver-initiated distractions

– Only three apps enabled

– Access to just three contacts

In addition to being available for individual users, the service appeals to parents and companies as well, allowing top-level users the ability to control phones for children or employees.

This is very similar to an app launched by T-Mobile in January. The same software developer is behind both carriers. However, the T-Mobile app blocked out all apps, a feature that could be a problem if you need to access GPS or other car-related service.