Sprint confirms unlimited plans for iPhone

Sprint will be doing what other carriers before it seemed unable to once they started selling the iPhone – continue offering unlimited data plans.

The world of signing up for an unlimited data package seems to be over for most mobile users in this country. That is, unless you are a Sprint customer.

The carrier has not only managed to remain one of the most attractive options based on price, but it has also taken the opportunity to champion the fact that it has become the last of a dying breed.

Sprint is the only one of the major carriers that still offers no-strings-attached unlimited mobile data to customers, and it has confirmed that it has no plans to change that when it begins offering the iPhone.

So anyone who buys an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S from Sprint will have the very exclusive opportunity of signing up for unlimited data.

Sprint’s unlimited data plans begin at just $70 and were among the cheapest when everyone else still offered unlimited data. Now, Sprint is the only one that offers completely unrestricted access to the Internet and other Web content on its phones.

The iPhone 4S is designed to be much more accessible than previous iPhone launches. The smallest capacity version will sell for $200 for customers willing and able to sign a new two-year service agreement.