Spring Design showcases dual-screen Android e-reader

Spring Design is showcasing a $400 dual-screen Android-based e-reader at CES 2010.

The device – which has been dubbed Alex – allows users to surf the Internet on a 3.5″ color browser LCD screen while displaying books, periodicals and documents on a secondary, 6″ EPD display.

“Spring Design created the Alex as an open systems device with the ability to download any book or document that conforms to the Adobe ePUB/PDF/DRM standard or .txt or HTML format,” explained company spokesperson Eric Kmiec.

“Alex’s fully functional browser gives users the flexibility to explore the Internet to access text, music, video, and images to enrich their reading experience, or annotate text with comments, multimedia or user-selected hyperlinks to other web sites and resources found online or stored by the user on the Alex eReader removable microSD card.”

Kmiec added that Alex helps readers “transcend” the printed page into an interactive multi-media reading experience.

“[The e-reader] lets children browse classic picture books with music. [In addition], serious students can view videos of science experiments online [via] the LCD screen while reading textbooks on the EPD screen.”

Alex – which supports WiFi, 3G, EVDO/CDMA and GSM – will be available on February 22, 2010.

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