Sophisticated Travel Booking Platform Startup Leads the Travel Industry into New Territory

The Information Age, the fall of Communism, etc. coupled with the ease of global travel has allowed and continues to allow us to travel to destinations that we once never dreamed of visiting. Even though it’s about 28 years since the collapse of the Berlin Wall, I am still amazed at how quickly and easily it is to travel around the globe. For example, in 2016 relations between Cuba and the United States of America had thawed enough for USA airlines to begin scheduling flights to Cuba. Who would have thought that it would be possible for tourists to visit countries such as Cuba as easily as we can now?

Planning your trip

Now that we have established how easy it is to travel around the world, it’s time to look at planning your trip. There are many ways to plan your next adventure. For example, you can phone a travel agent and instruct them to make all the bookings on your behalf. Furthermore, you can search online to find the best flights and accommodation for yourself. However, if you do not know the area that you are travelling to, you can end up booking below-par accommodation as well as the wrong flights.

In order to mitigate the chance of making the wrong travel reservations, there is a new travel booking platform, Bookmundi, which has revolutionised the way you can arrange your holiday online. You can book your favourite holiday packages and tours to any country in the world. Furthermore, should you be unsure (like me) of any details, there is an online real-time chat facility which connects you directly to a travel agent. Thus, you will be able to ask and receive answers to any travel-related questions that you might have.

Utilise the online chat facility to reduce the risk of making mistakes

For example, it is wise to avoid mistakes such as booking an airline ticket online and not realising that you need a visa to travel to the particular airport. There is nothing worse than arriving at your transit point and realising that you can’t catch your connecting flight because you don’t have the relevant travel documentation to enter the country. The good news is that with Bookmundi’s refined booking platform, you can check via their online chat facility whether you are making the correct travel decisions before you make your reservations.

Final words

To navigate successfully around any website or web-based software, it’s essential that the User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX) is simple, intuitive, and easy to understand. The good news is that Bookmundi’s creators have gone out of their way to design a UX and UI according to design best practices; ergo, you will have no problems finding your way around this website.

In summary, it is going to be very interesting to watch how this startup grows and increases its user base. I have to say that if their initial product is anything to go by, their growth trajectory should be quite sharp.