Sony rumoured to be planning phone/PS3 hybrid

Tokyo, Japan – Sony is believed to be developing a new phone which would compete with the iPhone while offering gaming on the move.

According to Japan’s Nikkei Business Daily, the company is setting up a project team to develop a ‘cellphone-game gear hybrid’ that would integrate Sony Ericsson phones with the PlayStation 3.

With gaming applications appearing on the iPhone, such a move would win over customers and keep games developers focused on the PlayStation platform.

Sony produces phones in partnership with Ericsson, but it has been unclear as to whether the venture had access to the PlayStation brand. The launch of the Aino – which allows users to remotely access media content on PS3 consoles – a few weeks ago was the first sign that it did.

Sony is keeping tight-lipped about the plans – which, if true, will probably take a fair while to come to fruition.