Sony remains delusional about 3D

Sony has invested quite a lot of cash in pushing the 3D standard forward. So it comes as little surprise that the electronics giant remains slightly, er, delusional about a realistic timeline for mainstream adoption.

Indeed, European PlayStation chief Andrew House recently claimed that 3D will catch on even faster than HD did.

“3D is going to be driven by building an ecosystem that’s based around content, TV penetration, and so on,” House told MCV.

“But it is a technology shift against challenging economic circumstances for a lot of countries in Europe. So that is something that makes us pause a bit.

“[Still], rather than saying when the tipping point will be, I do think it will be a faster adoption than the shift from standard to high definition.”

According to House, games are likely to play one of the “biggest roles” in moving 3D into the average living room. 

“I think the benefits of 3D is a lot more tangible in an interactive experience. It is also the one 3D experience that is, to a great degree, not replicable outside of the home.

“[Now], our role is to act as a pioneer, as evangelists and to help developers get the right experience with 3D games. We’ve done some great groundwork and I think you’ll see 3D games come to fruition next year,” he added. [[Sony]]