Sony recalls TVs due to fire risk

There’s yet another round of Sony products that has to be recalled because they might randomly explode.

Sony has issued a recall for 1.6 million of its Bravia TVs because they could overheat and start a fire. The safety risk was realized last month when someone called emergency officials after noticing fire and smoke coming out of his Sony TV.

Though it wasn’t the first complaint the company has received. Since 2008, 11 Bravia TV customers have complained about overheating issues. However, no one has been injured.

Sony Electronics spokesperson Yuki Shima confirmed there is a faulty component in the backlighting system which could cause the top of the TV to melt.

A total of five Bravis models are being recalled. Sony is ranked third in worldwide TV sales.

This isn’t the first fire-related Sony recall. A few years ago it had to replace laptop batteries for millions of customers after sensationalistic pictures of computers randomly going up in flames drew a media frenzy and a monstrous headache for the consumer electronics giant.

Sony has faced a boatload of problems this year, including what many people call “PSN-gate,” where it had to shut down online service on the PS3 for several weeks. But the company is resilient and has worked tirelessly to bring itself up out of the hole and remain as strong as possible.