Sony Ericsson may be planning a Windows Phone 7 phone

Sony Ericsson wants to be the #1 global maker of Android phones, but now it looks like it will have its eyes elsewhere as a report suggests the company will start producing Windows Phone 7 devices as well.

Until last year, Sony Ericsson was one of those phone manufacturers that kind of just existed. People respected the brand, they were priced all along the spectrum, and it had solid partnerships. But the company was losing money.

So a lot happened in the board room in 2010 to start turning the company around. The biggest part of that was shifting the focus to Android. Sony Ericsson completely pulled support for Nokia’s Symbian software and appeared to be turning 100% to Android.

It launched a new line of smartphones under the Xperia name, which gained attention and sold well. And guess what? Sony Ericsson has been turning a profit ever since it started shifting gears.

But it looks like the company also wants to expand its portfolio. Android has been doing well for the Sony Ericsson folks, but according to Digitimes, Sony Ericsson will be introducing Windows Phone 7-powered phones this year. That’s according to a source it reportedly has a Taiwan-based manufacturing plant.

We can’t say for sure that adding Windows Phone 7 to its portfolio will help Sony Ericsson’s bottom line, but regardless, the company’s feeling pretty good right now so why not see if it’ll help?