Sony Ericsson aims phone at angry mistresses, wives

If money is tight, target those with loads of it. This is obviously the design criteria behind the new Jalou and Jalou by Dolce&Gabbana handsets just announced by Sony Ericsson.

The target being rich women or rich men whose wives/mistresses need placating. Naturally, these handsets offer real 24 carat gold plating. But the real icing on the cake is that, at the touch of a button, the handset’s two inch screen turns into a mirror.

Of course, Sony Ericsson isn’t the first to have thought of producing ridiculously expensive mobile phones. Nokia started the trend when it introduced the ‘Vertu’ branded handsets which are now so dated, you wouldn’t want to be seen dead with one. Tag Heuer also had a crack at this market niche back in 2008.

Besdes looking stylish, these mobile phones are also designed to help you stay in trim. Apparently, they are the first Sony Ericssons to feature  its ‘Walk Mate’ step counter, to help ladies stay in shape.

But ladies, don’t be content with just a mere mobile phone. What about the matching handbag. What you need is Sony Ericsson’s Party Case IDC-33 Design Collection by Maria Sharapova, no-less. You can see the phone see it illuminate through the perforated design when a call comes in. Splendid.

Sony Ericsson says it “explored art, architecture and furniture trends” when coming up with the idea for Jalou. Maybe it should have tried talking to real women, because where are the matching shoes?

Jalou’s unfortunately-named head designer at Sony Ericsson, Charles Hunt, said, “You can also expect to see deep and natural jewel colours on the runway next year.” Surely he means the catwalk?