YouTube simplifies video editing with Cloud-based tool

YouTube has simplified the typically complex process of video editing with the introduction of an easy-to-use Cloud-based tool.

That’s right – forget about installing a bloated video editor on your Mac or PC with hundreds of features you’ll never learn or use.

In contrast to most video editing software on the market, YouTube’s entry-level editor is ideal for merging single, short clips into a longer film.

“For example, you can transform clips from your vacation into a video travel diary set to music, or create a highlights reel from footage of your last basketball game,” explained YouTube spokesperson Rushabh Doshi.

“It’s also great for trimming a long video down to the moments you really care about. Say you’ve uploaded a wedding ceremony – beautiful event, but do you really need to see all the guests shuffle in? The video editor lets you easily remove unwanted footage so you can capture just the moment when they say ‘I do.'”