You don’t have to choose between Bing and Google

If you can have your cake and eat it, you may as well have your cake and eat it.

And you can do that now with the rather fab site Bing vs Google.

For example, enter the name of our very own Mad Mike Magee and you’ll see there are slight differences between the results from Bing and the results from Google.

We asked Mike which one he preferred, Bing or Google and he says he is a Google fanboy because it puts him above Mike Magee the soccer player, who is far younger, more handsome, and much fitter than him.

We asked Mike if he is any relation to Mike Magee MD, who apparently writes health tips. “No,” he said. Which is a relief, because Magee has one of the most unhealthy diets and health regimes on the planet.

So now you have a choice – you can use both Google and Bing at once, and take your pick from the best of both.