Yahoo buys advertising company Dapper

Yahoo has just announced plans to acquire an online ad firm called Dapper, its latest move to stay alive in the Web market by creating a compelling ad experience.

Dapper specializes in generating the perfect ads for users based on current trends and individual user activity. It offers numerous ad solutions for companies, including DisplayDR, which it says “combines efficient media buying with the creation, trafficking, and targeting of dynamic ads that match the viewer’s intent to the products and offers available at the advertiser’s website.”

It all sounds very jargon-y, and it should. Behind Dapper is a series of complex algorithms and calculations that only it knows and uses. When it comes to online advertising it is no longer acceptable to just get the message out to as many places as possible. That message needs to be relevant, whether it’s linking the perfect ad to an online search or using data such as user location and recent browsing history.

In a statement on Dapper’s website, the company confirmed Yahoo’s takeover. “We expect to be able to bring advertisers and agencies greater efficiency and performance at a tremendous scale. The era of untargeted, irrelevant ads seems closer to its end than ever before,” reads the statement.

Yahoo and Dapper had previously teamed up for online ad projects. By fully combining forces Yahoo hopes it can continue to climb out of the rut it had been in for years, and start to earn back some of the brand power it used to have.