Wozniak astounded by Microsoft’s Bing

Chicago (IL) –  Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has reported a favorable impression of Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

“That was the most astounding software demo I’ve ever seen,” Wozniak told Yahoo Tech Ticker after seeing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveil Bing at the All Things Digital Conference in California.

According to Yahoo, Woz is witholding final judgement until he is able to actually use the engine. Nevertheless, Woz confirmed that he was a “big fan” of what he had seen so far.

Steve Wozniak, who created the Apple computer in the mid-1970s, is also credited with introducing high-resolution graphics for the Apple II. In addition, Woz co-wrote a simple operating and file system for the Apple with Randy Wigginton. Wozniak was recently appointed chief scientist at Fusion-IO, where he is providing R&D guidance related to solid-state architecture and high-performance I/O solutions.

Fusion-IO is the creator of the Iodrive, a direct-attached, fast solid-state storage device on a PCI-Express (PCIe). The unit is capable of over 120,000 random read/write IOPS, features less than 50 microsecond access latency and enables terabytes of virtual memory with near-DRAM speeds.

The corporation manufactures a number of other products, including the Iosan, a networked enterprise SSD, along with the consumer-oriented Ioxtreme. In addition, Fusion-IO is currently collaborating with IBM on “Quicksilver,” a project designed to achieve over a million IOPS via the use of multiple Iodrives as a shared storage solution.