Wintel alliance fires first shots of OS war

San Francisco (CA) – The old Wintel alliance is going strong again with both Intel and Microsoft taking the stand to peddle Windows 7.

At a press event in San Francisco, the pair claimed that Windows 7 will give better battery life and quicker boot times.

The two firms have apparently involved hundreds of their engineers working together in the Windows 7 project. The idea was to make Windows 7 better and more bug-free than the January 2007 launch of Windows Vista.

Engineers put Windows 7 and the underlying Intel chip technology through a few of its paces to show the advancements they have made on previous operating systems, namely Windows XP and Vista.

Reporters were told that they found increased energy efficiency, security, and performance responsiveness.

One of the demos showed two identical Lenovo T400 laptops playing a video. One used Windows 7 while another used Vista. The Windows 7 machine showed power savings up to 20 percent using Windows 7 thanks to timer coalescing which keeps the processor in low power states as long as possible to extend battery life.

Some engineers have configured Windows 7 to boot up in 11 seconds, the press conference enthused.