Windows 7 upgrades crash and burn

An unknown number of users have reportedly experienced serious difficulties migrating from Vista to Windows 7. Problems range from erroneously invalid product keys to endless reboot loops, which often prevent either operating system from loading. 

Indeed, one Windows user named Manjigani complained that the attempted upgrade had left his system in “limbo.”

“My upgrade failed in last step. And now it is in continuous loop,” wrote Manjigani in a post on Microsoft’s official forum. “I let it run overnight hoping that it will fix itself, but no luck. I really don’t want to go back and install Vista and then go to Windows 7.”

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Another user known as “Derty” told a similar story. 

“It’s such a shame, too. All the promises of stability and simplicity and, now, there are so many problems with installation. I can’t even access my laptop nor do I have the ability to roll my system back to Vista. All indications are the Install removed any trace of Vista. That’s not good.”

Microsoft engineer Ryan Thieman responded to reports of critical bugs by asking forum participants to answer a series of upgrade-related questions to assist with the troubleshooting process, including: 

1. What is the exact make and model of your computer?
2. What service pack level was Windows at? SP1, SP2?
3. What antivirus software is running on the machine?

Thieman also suggested that users with hung systems attempt to boot into Safe Mode with networking by:

1. Turn off your computer completely
2. Power the system on and immediately start pressing the ‘F8’ key until you reach a multi-boot menu
3. Select ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ in the list
4. Wait until it boots into Windows. This may take a few minutes

However, forum participant JSchneider21 complained that Microsoft’s ostensible solution did “nothing” to solve his problem.

“I don’t have the Vista option in the boot entry menu as I’m sure many of you do not as well. [I’m] still waiting.”