Windows 7 closes on Linux market share

Redmond (WA) – Windows 7 might not be officially available until October 22, but the latest numbers from W3C show it’s rapidly closing on the combined market share of every flavor of Linux.

In July – still three months before the official launch of Microsoft’s new OS – Linux boasted 2.02 percent of the OS market, but Win7 was already up to 1.24 percent.

Windows overall still has 86.56 percent, which contains a few (0.14 percent) luddites still hanging on to Win 98. The venerable Windows XP still rules the roost with 61.52 percent, followed by Vista on 21.95 percent and OSX a distant third on 6.92 percent.

Mozilla fans will no doubt be pleased to note that Firefox 3.0 is nibbling at the heels of IE7 with 23.03 and 24.74 percent respectively, although the total for all versions of IE is 52.93 percent while all versions of Firefox add up to 31.4 percent. The latest versions of the top two browsers, IE8 and FF3.5 own 12.98 and 6.56 percent respectively.

Chrome and Safari are neck and neck at 3.11 percent apiece, while Opera 9.6 is barely troubling the scorers at 1.18 percent market share, although the shiny new version 10.0 is out today.

Check out the W3C numbers here.