Wikipedia turns iffy entries orange

Wikipedia has come up with a solution to the unreliability of some of its entries: color code the dodgy ones.

The optional ‘WikiTrust‘ feature has actually been available as a plug-in since late last year, but is now to appear across the whole site. It analyzes edits in real time and colors them on the basis of the reliability of the author and the length of time the information has been on the page.

When the mouse pointer hovers over a word, the author will pop up, and hitting ‘check text’ will show the edit where the word was introduced. Authors whose contributions have persisted a long time get a high trust rating; those whose work is removed quickly lose trust.

Anything that’s regarded as questionable appears on an orange background; the brighter the shade, the dodgier it is.

Wikipedia has always struggled with the accuracy of its information. It recently announced plans to use editors for certain pages, such as those on living people.