We need Chrome

Have you seen the demo of the Chrome operating system? It’s worth two minutes of your time to get a gander at what Google is cooking up in its labs.

Although a big fan of Mac OS X (10.5.8), Windows XP (sans malware), Ubuntu (8 for me, thank you) and looking forward to playing with Windows 7, I think it’s time the industry had a truly new operating system, one built with the Web as its foundation. That OS appears to be Chrome.

Because Google’s OS eschews old-fashioned disk drives, using flash RAM instead, Chrome is said to go from boot to user login in 7 seconds. Seven! Imagine all of the electricity in the world that will be saved because people actually will turn off their computers because they no longer dread the wait time to boot them up each day.

Chrome will also be the ideal system for people (and companies) that focus on moving their IT operations into the cloud. In fact, it will become the preferred cloud operating system. It will give Google a leg up among enterprise software developers who want to built tomorrow’s apps for business.

I’m looking for an OS to take me into the next decade and beyond, not reach back into decades past. So when Google ships Chrome on netbooks next year, I plan to be among the first to get one. You should, too.

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