Video: How to run OS X on a Chrome notebook

Booting Linux on a Chrome notebook? Well, that’s to be expected. Running Mac OS X Snow Leopard on the Cr-48? Now that’s downright impressive!

But YouTube user Damis648 has done just that.

Of course, as Brad Linder of Lilliputing notes, the Cr-48’s Atom processor and GMA 3150 graphics are kind of a spec downer, leading to sluggish response time, especially with Adobe Flash.

Still, most of the Google hardware is supported out of the box, including the system’s multitouch trackpad.

“Overall, you’re still probably best off running Chrome OS on the Cr-48, because that’s what it was designed to run – and because if you got one of the early units it’s because Google expects you to test Chrome OS on the device,” Linder explained.

“[Yet], it’s nice to know that it’s possible to dual boot or replace the operating system if that’s the sort of thing you’re into.”

Unsurprisingly, Damis648 also managed to load Microsoft Windows 7 onto the humble Cr-48.

“Everything works the same as you’d expect on your average Windows install,” he confirmed in a YouTube post.

“Unfortunately, only about 2GB of space is left once Windows, drivers, and updates are installed. Regardless, it’s pretty cool.”

( Via Lilliputing and Engadget)