US blogger changes sex to dupe Castro’s son

Miami, (Fla) – A Cuban exile pretended to be a woman in order to chat with the son of ex-Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Luis Dominguez posed as a 27-year old Columbian sports journalist and began an online relationship with 42-year old Antonio Castro in order to ‘highlight the opulent lifestyles’ of the ruling Castro family. The opulent lifestyle included such luxuries as a Lacoste belt, a Blackberry, weekends at the beach resort of Varadero and, most shocking of all, an Apple computer.

A number of the chats lasted for several hours, claims the blogger, and became increasingly personal. ”You know something, I want something more with you,” Castro is alleged to have said in one chat. ”I have a desire to kiss you,” he ventured in another. In a third, he wrote that he wanted to “kiss you, love you and make love to you.”

It is claimed that the ‘relationship’ lasted for eight months, during which Castro shared details of overseas trips with his uncle Raul, who took over as President when his elder brother stepped down.

“I’m a Cuban and I’m a Cuban American and I have not been able to go back to my country since 1971 when I left,” said Dominguez. “I use whatever tools I have to be able to get back at these people. In Cuba people are put in prison for no reason at all. Their rights are violated, so why can’t I do the same thing to them? I have no remorse whatsoever.”

Although the hapless Antonio told Claudia details of his life in Cuba, it is not believed he revealed any state secrets.