UPDATED: Live coverage: iPhone OS 3.0 arrives today

Chicago (IL) – Apple is providing journalists with a “sneak peek” of its third generation iPhone operating system. While there has been much speculation about what’s coming, TG Daily will be covering the event live on Twitter.

While our play-by-play coverage will be available in real-time, Christian will provide a follow-up review of iPhone OS 3.0 features later in the day.

Follow along with TG Daily’s Twitter tweets during the iPhone OS 3.0 revealing.

UPDATED:  March 17, 2009 – 1:38pm CDTYou can see the full review of the iPhone 3.0 announcement via TG Daily’s Twitter tweets above. Christian has included this quick overview/summary, which reads:

iPhone 3.0 gave us:

Notes syncing with iTunes, shake to shuffle in iPod app, A2DP profile for stereo bluetooth, more languages and keyboards, extended parental controls, YouTube accounts supported in the YouTube app for sharing favorites, wi-fi auto login, autofill and anti-phishing in Safari.

There are also several new apps shown, over 1,000 new APIs available to developers in the OS revision. Developers can now access in-app paid features, such as video games selling enhanced rocket launchers for $0.99, or viewing a local City Guide app and buying an official guide for $0.99 to see all of New York, Boston, Atlanta or San Diego.

Over 800 million iPhone app downloads so far. 50,000 paid developers, and 800,000 have downloaded the free iPhone SDK.

The iPhone OS 3.0 beta is available today to developers. It will be released in final form “this summer”. It will be free to all iPhone 3G users. It will be a $9.95 upgrade for previous generation iPhone, and all iPod touch users.

Some limitations will be present on first-gen iPhone due to internal hardware issues. Features like stereo Bluetooth, MMS, and iPhone OS 3.0 still does not support Adobe Flash at all.

Christian will have a full review of iPhone 3.0 features later.