Up Pompeii, courtesy of Google Streetview

Google has added the city of Pompeii to Google Streetview, meaning you don’t have to wander the crowded streets on a boiling day anymore.

Pompeii was buried in ash after Vesuvio erupted in 79AD, and covers a really large area, which can be an exhausting tramp in the hot sun.

The virtual tour allows you to wander through the streets, temples and amphitheaters of Pompeii, and examine some strange, strange things.

Like the brothels, the bars, the casts of people who died in agony, the temple of Isis, the Villa of Mysteries with its erotic wall paintings, the baths and the bakers. All life was there.

And doesn’t every visitor who wanders down its streets, whether in virtual mode or in reality, gaze upon Vesuvio in the distance and wonder if the still active volcano will blow again once more?

Let’s hope not for a very long time, because the populous city of Naples with a population of around one million souls is within striking distance of the volcano.

The authorities continually monitor Vesuvius these days, and estimate they’ll be able to give adequate warning if it’s ever in danger of erupting again.

Google Pompeii on Streetview is here.