Unvarnished lets you bitch about your colleagues

Think you’re good at your job? Think you’re respected by your colleagues? You may have to think again.

Unvarnished is a little like a cross between LinkdIn and Yelp, allowing users to post reviews about other professionals. The catch is that once a review is up, it can’t ever be taken down.

If someone’s reviewed you, you can claim your profile, edit your resume and respond to reviews – but you still can’t change what other people have written about you.

And it gets worse. Unvarnished obscures the identity of review authors – “to help reviewers be honest and candid in their reviews,” it says. So you don’t even know who to bitch about in return.

It’s based on Facebook, and the company says people posting comments have to have logged a certain amount of activity there – the idea is to weed out anybody setting up a fake account in order to post critical reviews.

Unvarnished is currently in invitation-only beta. We can’t imagine why anyone in their right minds would sign up for it – but perhaps that’s just because we’re so unpopular. If you’re a bit braver, sign up here.