Ubersuggest Review: All-in-One SEO Tool to boost your SERPs

How do you improve your Google rank?

SEO is the answer.

Your competitors rank higher because their SEO is better.

SEO isn’t something you can afford to ignore. Your products and services may well be the best around, but your search engine ranking depends on objective factors: Factors such as how many searchers find what they need on your pages and which websites link back to your content.

You can improve your SEO using freemium tools like Ubersuggest to look atser visitor and backlink data for any site in your niche.


Ubersuggest lets you reverse-engineer top-ranking pages in your niche.

The principle behind Ubersuggest is simple: Learn what top-ranking sites are doing, then do the same.

Ubersuggest Overview
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The screenshot above shows the Ubersuggest data for HuffingtonPost.com. You can easily see how many times HuffPost pages rank in the top 3, first page, first 5 pages, and first 10 pages of SERPS. Below the chart is a list of the website’s most popular pages. The HuffPost team is doing things right.

You can get similar data, and much more on YOUR competitors.

Ubersuggest will tell you what people are searching for when they land on your competitor’s site on Google. You can then target the same keyword phrases.

Ubersuggest tells you which sites link to your competitor, contributing to Google’s perception of quality and relevance. You can then ask for links from the same sites.

Ubersuggest gives you a site audit, so you can fix technical issues like redirects and 404 errors that will affect your search engine ranking.

You can get all this information without spending a cent – You just have to type in a web address to see the data for that website.

Ubersuggest’s Action Plan

If you type in your domain (or anyone else’s) Ubersuggest asks you a series of simple questions such as how whether you use paid ads, and how many employees you have. When you have answered all the questions (takes less than one minute) you get a week-by-week action plan.

Ubersuggest 7 Week Action Plan
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You get an action plan without even entering your email address. The week-by-week task breakdown is especially helpful for individuals and small companies that are beginners in the SEO area.

Reverse Engineering Feature

Ubersuggest tells you what search terms people are using to land on any website.

Ubersuggest Reverse Engineering
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You can see the keywords any competitor’s website is successful for, drilling down by country. When you click on any search term in the left box, Ubersuggest gives you the top ten sites for that term. You get to see the domain score of each site, the number of visits, and the number of links to each site.

Once you know the scale of the competition, you can decide whether to target a particular keyword phrase.

Keyword Suggestions

Which keyword search terms should you target? In an ideal world, you want a term millions of people search for but nobody else appears in search results for that term.

Forget ‘ideal’.

Ubersuggest suggests hundreds of keyword phrases based on the phrase you input.

Ubersuggest Keyword suggest
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The left-hand panel gives you estimated search volumes, costs per click, and difficulty of ranking. When you click on any keyword in the left-hand panel, the right-hand panel fills with the sites that rank for that phrase. The bubble at the top tells you the average number of backlinks and domain scores for the top ten pages.

You get thousands of keyword suggestions with a good number available without upgrading to a paid account. The ‘Related’, ‘Questions’, and ‘Prepositions’ tabs give you access to suggested keyword phrases that may be easier to rank for.

Improve Your Backlink Profile

You know that backlinks are important, but some are better than others in Google’s eyes.

Yes, you need backlinks from high profile sites, but you need others as well so Google doesn’t think you are trying to manipulate your backlink profile to improve your ranking (even if you are).

If you can see all the backlinks that are contributing to a competitor’s higher ranking, you can approach sites concerned and ask them for a link to YOUR site. You might have some work to do here convincing them why they should bother and you might need to provide the site with content that will link back to your website.

Ubersuggest Backlink Profile
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When you scroll down this page you find the top 100 pages that link to your website. THIS is the gold. Again you can specify follow/no-follow links, but you need both because you want Google to believe your links profile is natural. Even if you could get one hundred do-follow links from high-profile sites, if that is all you got then your link profile would be unnatural and Google would probably penalize your site in its rankings.

When you enter YOUR competitor’s site you get THEIR link profile and where their links are coming from. It might take you a while, but you should start trying to get links from the same sites immediately.


Any Ubersuggest Review must include information on costs. It is free.

Ubersuggest uses a freemium pricing model. You can use it forever with a generous daily data limit without paying a cent or even giving any credit card details. The limits with the free account are generous enough for many users. However, there are paid plans if you need more data. These premium plans are aimed at large companies that plan to run massive SEO campaigns

Ubersuggest Pricing

Monthly subscriptions start at about $12 a month. A lifetime subscription (forever with no monthly payments) is only the same as ten monthly payments and offers great value.