Twitter to begin letting people pay for "promoted" account

You know that list of random Twitter accounts that shows up on the microblogging site? Well, soon you’ll have to start paying to get on that list.

Twitter announced that it will launch a new platform called “Promoted Accounts.” It’s part of the company’s new initiative to increase its revenue as it looks to move beyond its existing advertising platform.

As part of the new deal, users will be able to pay to have a Promoted Account, which will put them at the top of the list for Twitter’s “Who to Follow” suggestions that pop up all over the social networking site.

The company didn’t say when it plans to roll out Promoted Accounts, but they are on the way. It will complement Twitter’s existing “Promoted Tweets” platform, which gives users the ability to feature individual Tweets in exchange for a monetary fee.

This is seen as a way fro Twitter to more strongly cater to its business users, which use Twitter to connect with customers but have sometimes have difficulty in pumping up their presence. The Promoted services will “help businesses grow their audience and provide great offers and information to users,” said the website in a statement.