Twitter real time search: Search of the future?

Chicago (IL) – Revolutionary new features on the Internet are rarely, well, revolutionary, but rather evolutionary. And it seems that the guys at Twitter may have stumbled across such a new feature that may look like a slight improvement to most, but clearly has the potential to make any type of search on the Internet much more effective.

Twitter calls this new search Discovery Engine and we at TG Daily are not quite sure if that name truly reveals what it will be. The Internet already calls it real time search, which may be a much better description. In effect, this new feature works by displaying search result in “real time” when you type, without having to launch the search with an extra button. Users can even store frequent searches.   

This Discovery Engine may not only be a shortcut to search results, it also is capable of instantly creating new pages based on your preferences, in a much easier way than before. The way Twitter is using this new feature right now, may only show the way to future search capabilities, but if we think how a real-time search could work across other community networks, forums, product and service pages or other pages with a boatload of content, it is clear that relevant information may be much easier to find than it is now.
Twitter said that the team went back to an “old idea” and the “the original sketch and made everything far more awesome. (…) When you do a search, you don’t go to another page, the relevant tweets instantly show up where you’d expect them to—right on your home page where tweets love to be.”

“Normally, the tweets you would see on your home page are from sources of information that you have curated over time—in other words, the accounts you chose to follow. When you use search, you’re asking for any tweets that contain the word or phrase you’re interested in right now,” a blog post states.

It will be interesting to see how this new feature will work across millions of users and posts. Twitter will need ingenious software code to make those searches as effective as possible, and will need a massive hardware backend to support will be undoubtedly result in many more search requests than Twitter has today.

What do you think? Will a real time search beneficial to user – or is it simply annoying?