Twitter plans developer conference

Twitter is planning to hold a developer conference, called Chirp, in San Fancisco next year.

The company is also planning to launch a new developers’ platform, with tutorials and a user dashboard, and a new program called Previews giving developers early access to new features.

Up to now, developers have only had access to a limited set of data. But early next year, the company will open up the full ‘firehose’ to all comers – not just Bing and Google, as at present.

According to Twitter, over 50,000 applications have already been developed for the platform, with many more on the way now the company has opened up to third party applications. The company is looking to make money through revenue sharing.

The Chirp site – which looks very sweet and pretty – doesn’t actually give a date for the conference or have any information at all. But it is calling on interested parties to register by email.