Twitter launches embeddable tweets

Twitter will today launch a new feature allowing tweets to be embedded within documents.

As things stand, the only way to stick a tweet into another document is via a screenshot – a little fiddly, and it means that search engines can’t see the content of the tweet.

The new feature gives web authors a ‘snippet’ of code that can be used to embed a tweet into an HTML page, including the author’s avatar and links, and the ability to click through to the author’s Twitter page.

The company says it’s been inspired to add the new feature by the increasing use of screen-grabbed tweets in blogs. It wants to save writers time, it says, and also worries about people being misquoted where writers simply quote the text of a tweet.

“The use of real tweets helps ‘chunk’ the piece both visually and logically; we think it makes it easier to read,” says the company. nOf course, it also increases Twitter’s media presence enormously – just think of all those links.

Twitter gives an example of the tool in use, here.